Coming July 6, 2021

16-year-old Briseis Greene was born with the remarkable ability to manipulate plants. She can make them grow from seed to full bloom in seconds. The grass is literally greener on her side of the street. She is struggling to keep her power in check, growing apart from her closest friends, and is stressed about her family's precarious financial situation. In the middle of the chaos, Briseis learns she is the sole heir to a sprawling estate in up upstate New York...a property that comes with a very specific set of instructions. 

As Briseis sets out to uncover her family's unique lineage she stumbles upon a secret to closely guarded, so deadly, that its revelation may require the intervention of the gods themselves.


Pitched as Little Shop of Horrors meets The Secret Garden with a touch of Greek mythology, THIS POISON HEART is set to be published July 6th, 2021.