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Twelve-year-old Malika “Boog” Wilson and her best friends have grown up idolizing The Vanquishers, a group of masked vampire hunters who wiped out the last hoard of the undead decades ago. For kids today, vampires feel more like fun comic book fodder than real life, and the days of garlic wreaths and early curfews are long gone.

But when a new student, Aaron, joins Boog's crew, and goes missing after a school fundraiser, the kids suspect a vampire was involved. Boog is convinced their school counselor, Mr. Rupert, is hiding something and she is determined to save Aaron. No one ever expected The Vanquishers to return, but if their town needs protection from the undead, they know who to call.

Inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Watchmen, this adventure launches readers into an exciting new series.

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Art by Mars Lauderbaugh
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“A sharp vampire tale full of bite, heart, and humor that's sure to please any 'thirsty' reader. The undead don't stand a chance with Malika 'Boog' Wilson and her friends on the case.” ―Rena Barron, author of the Maya and the Rising Dark series

“A heart-pounding and hilarious reimagining of classic vampire mythology. Boog and her friends will capture your heart in an instant. You'll cry, laugh, and ache in this stunning, unique adventure. I'm ready to become a Vanquisher!” ―Mark Oshiro, author of THE INSIDERS

“Combining mythology and science to produce a fresh take on modern vampire lore, Bayron erects a fantastical San Antonio that is as chock-full of personality as each of the story's characters. Pithy dialogue and sensational description make this a speedy, eerie read.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The delightful characters will charm readers with their distinct voices, and the close friendships not only of the kids but of their families elevate the plot dynamics and create a memorable cast. . . . This inclusive and inviting opener of a modern vampire series is a surefire hit." - School Library Journal

“The strong focus on friendship and humorous flair . . . makes for a quick read toward the impending monster reveal. . . . A silly and mysterious adventure romp with vampires.” ―Booklist

“This warm, witty friendship story with a healthy dose of vampire adventure is a page-turning read. . . . A lively, appealing addition to the genre.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“This middle grade treat serves as a thrilling Vamps 101 intro. . . . The author's eloquent command of familiar language and knack for quirky humor makes this a fast-paced read that begs for a follow-up.” ―BCCB

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