Fall 2022

Pitched as Watchmen meets Stranger Things with a Buffy twist, THE VANQUISHERS, is Kalynn's MG debut. In a world where vampires were hunted to extinction by a masked group of slayers known simply as The Vanquishers, Malika "Boog" Wilson is navigating her first year of middle school alongside her BFFs. Everyone knows vamps are history but Boog's parents aren't taking an chances. Boog is stuck doing things the old-school way--never invite anyone in, always keep a few bulbs of garlic in your backpack, and never leave the house after the streetlights come on. When Boog's new classmate, Aaron, goes missing after a school function, the community begins to suspect vampires may not be completely extinct after all and Boog will have to decide how far she's willing to go to uncover the truth.